[Daiva-dasakam – here we do have a popular praise on God, or rather, a Universal Prayer by Sree Narayana Gurudev (1855-1928). It is illustrating the following ideas succinctly however within the framework of a brief poem. They are chiefly the essential nature of the soul, the world & the God, the present state of our existence, the path of devotional unfoldment & the ultimate spiritual destiny which is the realization of our oneness with the God. The work is told to be a hundred years old now. The material given in the brackets by way of elucidation makes it an expanded version. But still it is in line with the other works of Gurudev & the Vedantic tradition. This rendering from the original Malayalam is prepared by Swami Samprasad in January 2016.]

  1. Oh God, may you protect us always, never leaving us alone here ( in this transmigratory existence ). Here in this oceanic existence ( of deplorable ignorance ) you are the one Navigator, your holy feet the great steamer ( to take us across safely to the other shore of total refuge & redemption ).
  2. As we count out one by one & exhaust every tangible object ( consider & assess every possible experience & perceptible phenomenon & deny them all as the non-self, as the transient reality – by the famous dictum of “not this, not this” – in our deep quest for the Truth and the true significance of life ), there remains the Seer-Being alone ( undeniably as the one irrefutable & immutable substratum ). Even so ( in this manner ) let our minds find the lasting rest & repose in Thee ( who is none other than this Self, this Pure Being residing in everybody ).
  3. You have been protecting us & providing all along with every necessary creature comforts such as food & clothing. And even thus thou make us truly blessed ( by way of bestowing on us finally your beatific vision too ). ( Precisely due to this fact ) none but You are therefore the one almighty Lord to us ( whether we are aware of it or not ).
  4. ( Oh our dearest Lord ), You yourself, your unfathomable glory, your divine magic ( the illustrious & evasive maya which throws out this indefinable duality, this manifested Universe ) & the we ( the countless souls ) are all very similar ( respectively ) to the great Ocean, its profound depths, the winds perpetually sweeping over it & the incessant waves that arise in it quite spontaneously. May this fact be indelibly ingrained into our souls.

[May we be meditating constantly on this insight of the Rishis to evolve our souls into the sublime category of the enlightened devotees who behold perfect spiritual unity in this apparent & material multiplicity.]

  1. Oh God, ( out most beloved Lord ), thou indeed art the Creator Supreme, the very act of creation & all these created existence. O, Intelligence Divine ( the efficient cause ), the material cause also of this creation is certainly yourself ( the nondual Truth, just as the waves are nothing but the expression of the selfsame water that makes for the great Ocean ).

[By your infinite grace we have come to realize this relative existence is simply just an apparent manifestation of the Absolute Truth which you are. In other words, you are the one omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient Lord who is at once immanent in all the dimensions of the Cosmos while keeping your transcendental majesty intact.]

  1. ( This magic – supernal maya of dual perception – could never be existing really apart from the magician, the mayavi himself. And so, ) You are the maya, mayavi & also the one who sports thus with thy divine maya. ( And whenever an intense longing for realization sears one’s heart by your immeasurable compassion ) U, the noble & benevolent one, removes the mysterious maya to bestow upon that rare soul its true nature of intrinsic identity & union with Thee.
  2. You are the Truth – Knowledge – Bliss ( the timeless bedrock of all existence ). You certainly are again the one Past – Present – Future ( the space-time continuum too ). The speech of mouth ( & so every other faculty we use here to know, act & express ) also are non-different from Your Majesty. Surely, it is just so to the thoughtful, to the wise.
  3. ( Knowing this to be the unsullied Truth ) we ( cannot but ) praise your such state of ( unutterable ) glory & greatness which infills inside & outside ( of everything ) alike. Oh Lord ( Oh Bhagavan ), Victory unto U, ( the one without a second ).
  4. Be thou victorious, Oh great God ( the excellent brilliance ), Oh the all-merciful Lord ever engaged in uplifting the suffering lot ( all the creatures who languish under the limitation of duality due to ego & ignorance ), be victorious, the pure Bliss-Consciousness! The boundless ocean of love & mercy that You are, the most glorious victory evermore belongs to U alone!
  5. May we be completely immersed in your ocean of light which is exceedingly profound. ( O God, our one Master, may it pleases U to ) let us live delightfully in your blissful effulgence for ever & ever.

[Although the Pure Consciousness is the one & only self-luminous light, this Infinity cannot be directly comprehended by the finite mind in its impure & untrained state. Yet in the intense love this Truth is seen as the sole object worthy of adoration & attainment. There the self-knowledge dawns in the heart expanding it beyond the rational limits & thus dispels forever the mysterious & beginningless ignorance – the binding aspect of the maya – that seemed to envelop the soul for aeons. This non-dual awareness/light is our pristine nature & hence the most innate immediate & immortal Essence.]



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