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Aruvippuram as it literally means is on the bank of a river called Neyyar which meanders through this Arcadian spot as its lifeline.


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India, aimed at controlling and stilling the mind.

Our History

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About Us

ഒരു ജാതി, ഒരു മതം, ഒരു ദൈവം മനുഷ്യന്

Those who came to know about the young brilliant sage of Aruvippuram began to gather there for instructions, blessings or for mere darsan depending their attitude and aptitude. During Guru’s early stay there, for instance, a boy of unusual faith and devotion to the Guru gave up his dear and near ones, desires and everything, and followed him implicitly ignoring all social censure and threats. This boy Kochappi Pillai in later life turned out to be a great Yogi, and became one of the chief disciples of Sree Gurudev. The celebrated hymn in Sanskrit, ‘Guru Shatkam’ is the composition of this revered Sivalingadasa Swamiji.

The common folk of Aruvippuram as elsewhere in Kerala were denied the right to worship God in temples. This basic necessity of religious hearts was to be met by a bold and competent authority. And here was that destined moment. Sree Narayana Guru in his role as the universal teacher blessed and fulfilled that divine mission by installing the great Lord Siva on the bank of Neyyar. Thereupon he got his timeless message writ largely on the temple wall thus: Herein is the ideal place where one and all live in fraternity without caste distinctions and religious rivalry. Ah, when shall the human race realize its ultimate destiny and unity of the whole existence leaving aside all the divisionistic ideas! All these apparently diverse waves are belonging to the same ocean of Pure Consciousness. Bereft of this advaitic understanding every other so-called progress shall remain modifications alone of blighted ignorance. This is the universal message our sages including Sree Gurudev strived to convey by all possible means.

Sree Gurudev continued relentlessly in his effort to renovate the Society by his non-violent but fundamental way. Those rare ones who have seen the intrinsic oneness and final human destiny face to face alone can guide us properly. The materialistic and religious superstitions were to be removed so gradually, very systematically by allowing the populace to grow from within. Enforced and external codes and conventions are rooted in fear, blindness and miseducation. If they are thrusted on the society disregarding the light of reason and love, they will only give rise to suppression, and soon such disciplines will be replaced by another group of superstitions, doctrines and exploitations. Short-sighted and impatient social activists always fail to resolve this enigma and just succeed to foil the natural unfoldment of the soul. Sree Gurudev on the other hand fully equipped to meet this challenge started schools, temples and ashramas wherever they were feasible and appropriate. It was at some point of this time Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP) also was formed with an initial view to disseminate Sree Guru’s sublime ideas and ideals.

All such expanding activities of multiple dimensions made it imperative for the Guru to move about from place to place. Gurudev’s historic advent to Varkala happened in this way. He chose a jungly hillock here which in due course turned out to be the Headquarters for all his activities in future. It was named Sivagiri – the mount of all–auspicious Siva. Giving prominence to the spiritual revival of the humanity he established Sree Narayana Dahrma Sangham – an exclusive monastic order – here. And this may be considered the most important deed towards his last. And thus fulfilling the superhuman task of his incarnation he cast away this mortal coil on the 20th of the September 1928 (Kanni 5th of the Malayalam Calendar) by 3.30 in the evening