This daivadasakam is composed in Malayalam by Sree Narayana Gurudev a hundred years ago.

  1. Oh God, may you protect us always, never leaving us alone here. In this oceanic existence You are the one Navigator, your holy feet the great steamer.
  2. As we count out one by one & exhaust every tangible object, there remains the Seer-Being in the last. Even so let our minds find the lasting rest & repose in You.
  3. You have been protecting & providing us all along with every necessary creature comfort such as food & clothing. And even thus You make us truly blessed. None but You are therefore the one Almighty Lord to us.
  4. There is the great ocean, splendid with its profound depths, the winds perpetually sweeping over it & the incessant waves that arise in it quite spontaneously. Similarly there You are with your unfathomable glory, your divine magic and we the souls rising up here. May this be realized by us.
  5. You indeed are the Creator, the act of creation & all this created existence. O Supreme Brilliance, you yourself are the material for the creation.
  6. Aye, You are the maya, mayavi (magic & magician) & also the one who sports thus with this divine maya. You alone are that Benevolence (Aryan) who bestow upon us a grand mergence with You by removing the illusion of maya.
  7. Thou Art the Truth – Knowledge – Bliss. You are certainly the Past – Present – Future too. The speech of mouth also are non–different from You, as we think over the matter.
  8. We Praise You who are in such a state of glory & greatness which fills inside & outside (of everything everywhere). (Oh, You of such glorious nature,) Oh Bhagavan, victory be yours.
  9. Be Thou victorious, Oh great God, the one ever engaged in saving the suffering souls, be thou ever victorious, Oh Bliss-Consciousness! The boundless ocean of love & mercy that You are, let the most glorious victory belong evermore to You.
  10. May we be united with your exceedingly profound ocean of Light. And so let us be living in You happily for ever & ever.



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